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Le Fri 30 September 2016

Chests play a significant role in the CR hack and deck building using the gold, cards, and gems they contain. However, since the inclusion of a Super Magical Chest, the previous ordering cheat has stopped working.

Fortunately, a new CR hack has been uncovered by a Reddit Clash Royale hack user, sparks, this month. Even though some people may find this new chest drop list useful, to other users it may just be disappointing. According to this new list, the Magical chest only appears three times in a chest cycle of 239, making it a one in a 100 chance of finding one. The Super Magical Chest, on the other hand, makes an appearance rarely as it has a one in 1000 chance of appearing – over four full chest cycles – before the player will see another one. It was originally believed that Super Magical chests dropped randomly, but with only one in 1000, it may be a long time before a player gets one.

Pay attention to magical chests

Every player starts in different places in the chest order so pay particular attention to magical chests. So this is the main thing you must know about this Clash Royale chest order is this: it is based on algorithms, but each player begins at a random location in its chest order cycle. For instance, if a game begins at chest number 9, the third chest the player will open is going to be a magical chest (first magical chest on that list is chest 11). The list is relatively difficult to use because of the fact that all players start in a different location in the cycle. Consequently, the best strategy is recording every chest type the player opens in an ordered list. If you reach a giant or magical chest (whichever comes first), start paying special attention to the order after this. You should see a developing pattern that follows an algorithm, and you could follow that for the rest of the game. If a user reaches the end of their chest cycle, they can just start again from the top.

It isn’t known, but a Redditor believes when the Super Magical Chest appears, it doesn’t disturb the order of other chest drops, so players can just keep counting like they did before.

Chest order can be listed by the number of chests dropped

Initially, we believed that the chest sequence was listed by the number of battles won, it's listed by how the number of chests a user has had. Going into Arena One, users automatically receive one silver chest, and it is Chest "0,". All others which are won in battles are listed as you receive them in your chest slots.

Full chest slots do not alter order

At times, you may wish to battle for fun, and you do not have any available slots for chests to drop in. That is okay. Your number of wins does not affect the order of the chest. It essentially stops until the player has an open slot. This new CR Hack would enhance your game.

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